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Why strength train?

Fitness Training gear

We can give you a long list but let’s start out with three of our favorite reasons:  Improved body composition and health markers (more lean body mass = less fat and improved health markers), reduced risk of injuries (thanks to a stronger core and stabilizing muscles) and to look and feel better (clothes fit more comfortably and you have more energy).

You won’t find a gym full of machines at Fitness Rx.  We put the FUN in functional fitness and use a variety of gym accessories plus your own body weight to keep your workouts challenging and exciting.  


Fitness Consultation & Assessment


We don’t believe there is a “one size fits all” fitness plan. We each have different goals and physical abilities so at FitnessRx we start by evaluating your current fitness level through a fitness assessment, take body measurements and discuss your personal wellness goals. Then we work together to determine the best plan for YOU!

Contact us to schedule your complimentary appointment today. 

Functional Movement Screen


This screening test is designed to identify movement patterns, muscular weaknesses and instabilities.  Included are seven movement screens and a 4-week stretch and strength plan to correct imbalances found during the screening.  

FMS is included in Personal Training Package or can be purchased for $40 without a package purchase. 

Metabolic Testing

HolisticAthlete_FitnessRX_METcart.jpgWe are all unique individuals so your body burns fuel differently than your next door neighbor’s body. FitnessRx applies a scientific approach to wellness and can test your body to determine how many and what type of calories you burn during rest and/or exercise. This Metabolic Efficiency Testing (MET) allows us to fine tune your individualized fitness plan even further to maximize your results and BE YOUR BEST! 

Contact us to schedule your test(s) today and enjoy a 15% discount when purchased with a training package.


Personal Training

We offer a variety of Personal Training fitness packages but if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, contact us and we will do our best to meet your request. All program pricing based on 60 minute sessions.

ONE-ON-ONE Personal Training


 One of our certified trainers will provide private sessions that are designed just for you to meet your wellness goals and match your level of fitness. Contact us to schedule your appointment. Or, you can sign up with a friend/spouse/coworker etc. to enjoy spending time together and save money!  Packages include fitness assessment, functional movement screen, photos, body measurements and customized training plan.



shutterstock_164474051.jpgEverything is better with friends, right? A gathering of up to six people to exercise together really amps up the FUN of exercising and offers an economical option to private sessions. 

Have your own small group of workout peeps? We are happy to put together a private program for your group focused on helping you reach your weight loss, fitness or performance goals.

Contact us today to schedule your group.




shutterstock_26356144.jpgFor those that crave a large group-fitness environment, we offer FITCamp. FITCamp is designed to accommodate all fitness levels so come one, come all! No coordination necessary, just bring a positive attitude and a desire to get in a good workout. You can choose to sweat with us from one to four times per week. 

Check the calendar for the FITCamp schedule and register today.