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Need to reduce body fat? Lose weight? Gain weight? Lower your cholesterol?

Not sure what food to eat or when to eat it to reach these goals? Fitness Rx offers nutrition guidance to help you on your journey to BE YOUR BEST. 



It's true. You can't out train a bad diet. Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated to be successful. Want to run faster? Need to lose weight and/or body fat? Nutrition plays a big role in healthy and active living. We counsel you on making better choices, when to eat and what to eat to match your lifestyle.

Sports Nutrition

Do you “hit the wall” or “bonk” during sport events/races? Not sure how many or what kind of calories you should consume during sports training and events? Visit our Metabolic Efficiency page to learn more on how FitnessRx can help you dial in your sports nutrition.

Nutritional Consultation

Let’s sit down and review your current nutritional intake, talk about your fitness and wellness goals and modify your nutrition plan accordingly. After your Resting Metabolic Rate/Baseline Activity Test, our certified Nutrition Coach will go over your results and educate you on what to eat and when to eat to line up your nutrition with your goals. .

Contact us to schedule your RMR/Baseline Activity Test and consultation today.


Nutrition Coaching

Does what you eat line up with the health and fitness goals you have set for yourself?  Or are you sabotaging yourself unknowingly?  Let Fitness Rx's certified Nutrition Coaches look at your daily nutrition to make sure what you are eating is nutritious, matches your unique metabolism and serves the purpose of your goals.  We look at other factors like when to eat, exercise habits and other patterns to create the best plan for you.