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Bike Fitting

Bike_Fit_4.jpgProper bicycle fit maximizes comfort on the bike, power output, and bio-mechanical efficiency.  This is accomplished by accounting for and building into the fit several dynamic factors such as experience level, goals and objectives, medical history, body measurements, flexibility, riding style, and bio-mechanical benchmarks.  The fit practitioners at FitnessRx address bike fit using a holistic, comprehensive approach where understanding the rider is the first step.  From there our experience with thousands of bike fits, and certifications through The Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI), and Specialized Body Geometry Fit Methodologies, have taught us that the body is an interconnected chain where several seemingly independent variables need to be addressed together in a one rider, one bike picture.  Proper bike fit benefits all experience levels, from a new rider looking for increased confidence on the bike, to the elite athlete shaving precious seconds in any distance time trial.  Let the bike fit pros at FitnessRx help you get to the next level to Be Your Best

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Yoga & Massage Therapy


Dana Skrodzki is a licensed Massage Therapist, registered Yoga Instructor, and certified Medical Intuitive Healer in Louisville.  She completed her massage training at Wellness and Massage Training Center in Woodridge, IL in January of 2001.  Over the last 14 years, Dana has worked for Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and has managed spas in Chicago, South Carolina, Florida and Indiana.  Dana has well over 1000 hours of training in massage therapy and over 300 in yoga. She has also had the opportunity to work with professional athletes.  Dana was a competitive swimmer since the age of six and she was a varsity soccer and softball player.   She is well aware of the determination and importance of having a healthy body and mind before, during and after competition.  Currently, she is the head coach for Presentation Academy Swim Team, teaches Yoga and provides intuitive massage therapy.  
Your success as an athlete and as a person comes from your strength, your flexibility--figuratively, if not literally--and your ability to focus.  Yoga enhances these skills.  "Yoga For Athletes" (all levels) allows individuals to become more aware of their body and learn safe and effective movements to benefit their training regimen.  This yoga class will help increase your mental and physical stamina, flexibility and strength using proper alignment and activation of muscles. Dana will be teaching "Yoga For Athletes" at FitnessRx. Check the calendar for class schedule and availability.
She will also be available for Massage Therapy sessions to help you keep your body healthy and balanced while achieving your fitness goals. Contact us to schedule your appointment  today.